Pho-nomenal Viet Rest

United States, Colorado Springs

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Ужасно Плохо Нормально Хорошо Отлично

When I told my mom I was starting Pho’nomenal, she called me “khung” – that’s Vietnamese for ‘crazy’. Years later, when she saw the first bowls from our production line, she shared a story from our past. When our family was in refugee camps, we were given only two instant ramen packets a day to feed our family of four (with a new baby on the way)! Our instant pho bowls reminded her of that ramen, and how she would have loved to have our Pho’nomenal Bowls instead. Mom would only drink the broth, leaving the noodles for the rest of us. Hearing that story, I knew we needed to use our bowls to help feed people in need.

Our family has been truly blessed in our journey from Vietnam, and we want to share our good fortune with those still struggling. By partnering with Food Lifeline and the Feeding America Organization, we’re proud to say we have pledged to donate 10,000 bowls for every 1 million bowls we sell. It’s our “Million Bowl Promise”. Food is a way of life for the Pham crew and we hope our efforts will help those in need.

When you choose Pho’nomenal Bowls, you’re also choosing to join us in the fight to end hunger.

– Duke Pham, Founder